Saturday, April 17, 2010

your mother regrets

Oh Chuldrun,
I am full of regrets today. I feel I have neglected you letting so much time go on by. I am the worst mother, it's like I left you in the car with the windows up in the heat of the summer while I was in a bar, or worse yet Wal-mart. Please forgive me and know that you- yes YOU- are my favorite child. Don't tell the others they'll just get mad.

So, today, I feel I can best express my feelings and catch you up-to-date with a mismash of er'ythang that's been goin' on. Here goes: (and please try to keep up)

You can't make this shit up:
So Mama decided it was time to be responsible. I felt that I should save the earth and hug a tree (ironically I have pictures of that from college but I was drunk at the time). So, I set out on a mission to buy a Prius. Well, honeys, wouldn't you know I had a nice senior citizen sales lady person named Brenda. She was a hoot and a hot mess, albeit she needs to do better with the sun protection. Miss Brenda, who holds a special place in my heart, is starting to look a little like a basketball from too much time on the lake. I digress... me and leatherlady Brenda took the new 2010 Prius out for drive. Now, understand Mama is a Lexus-drivin' Toyota supporter and I thought it was my time to get green. Until... the damn car stalled out on us. Babies, I was pushing the pedal and then mashin on the gas and Miss Brenda was yelling at me to go faster because we were on the freeway and I tell you- hand to god and on my grandmother's jewelry that thing turned off. We coasted off the freeway and into a parking lot safely. Then Miss Brenda got all flustered and her manager came and picked us up (in a pickup truck no less). What bugged me the most was that they didn't say sorry. They were mad at the car. I was like, hey, I'm not just here for the ride riiight? Anyways, needless to say I won't be getting a Prius and I worry these fine folks at Toyota are having big problems. I think I will do my part by planting trees at the condo complexes downtown.

Why, God, Why?
Mama has been cooking at home a lot. I'm not a great cook but I do know how to throw some green beans in a pan and steam them. So, as a result of my lack of eating dinner in a bag and ordering by numbers, I went to the Doc and found out I had lost 6 lbs.... well not to worry childrun I found them! I had left them at the bottom of a bag of chick-filet.

Never trust a man named Will
The word will means: determined or sure to... well my will in mention was determined to give me a headache this very morning...
So my favorite bartender friend, Will, says to me last night: You've had tequilla, and whiskey. You should have a vodka drink then you can't blame it on any of them. Just have em all. What the hell kind of fool says something like that to an old lady? Even worse is the old lady that believes him. I woke up this morning feelin' like I'd been drinking from the toilet bowl, again. It's a terrible feeling that can only best be remedied by an egg mcmuffin. Now, you say an egg mcmuffin is healthy right? It's one of the best choices at the golden Arches home of all things triglyceride but it's my Jewish grandmother's voice that rings in my ears that I need to take advantage of the deal here. It's a greater value to get the meal- I mean the price of the meal is only a $1 more and you get a tall diet coke, and they are sneaky about throwing that little piece of heaven hashbrown in there, too. The truth is childrun, nothing at McDonalds is healthy and it's best to drive on by it. But, if you see Mamas big white lexus in there you better get outta her way because she is in need of some mcMedicine.

Word games?
Last night I was on somebody's fancy computer phone and found myself playing a game of online scrabble. Yes, children word games. Do you know what is fun about spelling games? Nope, me neither. But I was playing this game and letting it have it. I am worried the next game we will play will be something like : Square Root Fun, or Find the HiddenTax Law? And it occurred to me, that we were all playing this game on a phone sending it to somebody else's phone and nobody was talking. But we were in a ten foot perimeter of each other. Does this bug the hell out of you? I remember when we used to play board games. Now, we have 700 friends on facebook but we are home alone at night with our computers. It just puzzles the hell out of me- all the isolated connectivity in the world.

So, yes, childrun I know that this is not nearly enough information for you and my apology is stale at best but I will make it up to you. In the meantime, I need to take a midol and lay down flat. I can't sleep past 630am anymore even on the weekends and I need to rest my eyes for a minute.

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