Wednesday, March 17, 2010

does your mom know?

So I went to McDonald's today because I had a stressful day and I am a sugar addict. So, I fed the craving with soft serve. Yes, I am perfectly content to live my life in drawstring pants. I've given up.

But, while in line I had the distinct pleasure of listening in on the trials and tribulations of a certain plaid skirt wearing, all-girl-school world.
These girls, MaryBeth, MaryFrancis and MaryWhinesALot where in line in front of me, after ordering: a 6 peice mcnugget to split among the 3 of them, 2 diet cokes and one McCafe. I guess MaryFrancis has given up, too.

So Mary#1 says: "you're so lucky I have to drive my mother's hand me down shit volvo wagon."
Mary#2 responds, "I hate my Prius. I want a Range Rover, screw the environment. Al Gore's a fatass anyway."
Mary#3 says, " I got stuck with my Dad's Mini Cooper. Eww. It's so midlife crisis."
** I wanted so badly to say, "Does your Mom know? That your Dad's gay?"

But I kept it inside and decided to share my hatefulness with you, blog world. Amazing what a $25,000/year education delivers.

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