Friday, April 2, 2010

my MaMe

Sometimes I have these flashbacks, sort of like the soldiers do about 'Nam. Only, I remember things my grandmother told me and it always makes me laugh. More often than not these episodes come up in the strangest places like the shower where I am laughing all to myself and thinking surely if anyone saw me they'd think I was Norman Bates' mother. Or, it'd be sometime more inappropriate like a funeral. So here is today's flashback:
Ma-Me: Honey, You really need to get to a church
Me: I'm good, don't you worry about me
Ma-Me: Naw, honey, it'd be good for you
Me: What am I? A sinner today? Why are you concerned about my worshiping habits all the sudden?
Ma-Me:Everybody needs a little God now and then. You know you were never baptized
Me: That's because I was raised 1/2 Jewish and 1/2 Church of Christ. How does one pull that off?
Ma-Me:God don't care where you go, as long as you show up
Me: Well if it's just role call you're worried about, I am sure one of my friends can sign me in.
Ma-Me:You're such a turd. I'm trying to help you. Speakin' of, what are you doing with your hair? You look kinda crazy.
Me: Or you could say you don't like it
Ma-Me: It's frosted
Me: These are highlights (the year was 1994 don't judge me) everybody's doing this, Ma-Me
Ma-Me: Everybody is not, just the sissies and the sluts
Me: And this is what church got you?
Ma-Me: Don't get me wrong, I had my fun in my day
Me: Seriously, I will go to church. I may need to beg for your forgiveness
Ma-Me:Hey, listen, sluts get things done.
Me: We don't have to talk about this
Ma-Me: People always make fun of sluts, but some people think Marilyn Monroe was a spy.
Me: What are you drinking?
Ma-Me: She had Kennedy in the palm of her hand. Sometimes, literally.
Ma-Me:And you thought she was a slut?
Ma-Me: No I thought she was a lot smarter than me.

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