Friday, March 12, 2010

sit and spin

Momma went and did that bike thing I always see white women hoisted up on- the upright bike. The call it spinning if you're in a class. I don't like group activities, I just rode it today for 6 miles- 20 minutes. I am pretty sure I have fractured my vajayjay. Something is not right down there. I think maybe I was violated by the bike seat. Maybe it is just a bruise? I don't want to go to the Dr and telling him I think I have blown out my badussy area. This is just too delicate to examine.

It could be that I am just that out of shape. Yes, I know, I know, I need padded bike shorts. Well the good Lord gave me lots of padding down there. I just think it fell out and around the area some how leaving me exposed to a delicate situation. I probably cannot have children due to this unfortunate turn of events in gymnation. I fear had I gone for a full hour class (which was momma's goal) that it would have required two large men YMCA employees, a fireman, medic and a licensed badussy technician to remove the bike from my personal space area. This is no good.

I am off to cool in a tub of water and pray for daylight.

god bless your weekends, honey, you deserve it after reading this horror

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