Saturday, June 5, 2010

rough night? rough morning

you could probably tell I had a rough night last night from earlier post. So, I did my medicinal ritual "drive through" which always follows the medicinal ritual of "margaritas". I am pretty sure the lady working the drive through thinks I am homeless. Now, i am not at my personal best in the drive through line, which is why one depends on a drive through rather than going inside. So, I look a little crazy haired and unshaven in the drive through. It does not mean I am living in my car.

There is nothing like being judged while waiting on your change. Then I drive to the second window to pick up the order and the guy looks at me like he feels sorry for me. I think he and that hateful judgey lady were talking about me over the radio earphone things they wear. Maybe she punched it in the order? That's okay I will take your pity and some extra ketchup.

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