Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the here and the now

you know, when you are younger you spend a lot of time dreaming. What will I be when I grow up? Where will I go to school? Where will I live? I am so guilty of that- way too many hours thinking about things that really don't matter.
- What did that comment, really, mean?
- Did she say that to me or for me?
- Am I going to get laid off?
- Will he call?

It is time to stop wondering and dreaming and start doing. I am making a pact to shut up and put up. The only things I am going to start asking my self are:
- Will this stain come out?
- Is this going to leave a permanent mark?
- Are there any cameras?
- Will this clear my checking account?

That is it. It is time to start living and stop dreaming. I hope that this inspires you the way I feel inspired. Of course, I am writing you on pain medication because I broke my damn foot. So, I am not going to start to tango after this post, but in my head I might be tango-ing right now.

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