Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a little inspiration

So, here we are the 12th of January and I am struggling with my best intentions for keeping resolutions. I've been going to the gym but I have not been blogging... so tonight I had a little pick of inspiration. I talked to an old friend who inspired me. She is like a whit Oprah, but do you know that bitch lost 40 something lbs? I don't like people who lose weight because it makes me feel fat. No, I kid, I am happy for her (and I am about to get happy with some chocolate chips). But I want to share this with you:

"enjoy what you do but remember that it must bring you job because if you aren't your best self, you aren't going to give your best to others or your self..."

If you have a glass of wine or two this makes a lot more sense, okay? By the way I don't trust people who don't like wine or don't drink wine. And another friend of mine says she doesn't trust people who say they have "left over wine." I say those are some mofos who can't finish a task. And I am not a quitter, a slacker maybe, a quitter? nope

SO, I leave you with that kiddies, find your damn joy. Do you love your life? Do you love what you do? Do you get joy from others? Do you give joy from others? ... doesn't this sound like a recruitment ad for prostitution? Yes, really lay down on the job- get maximum job satisfaction... I digress. I gots to go this chardonnay is not gon' drank itself and nothing worse than warm wine.

love and stuff

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