Sunday, July 8, 2012

The end of the world MARGARITA recipe

if you have ever wanted the world's best margarita, and I know you have... Here is my recipe:
1) liberal amount of tequila ( I always put vanilla beans in my tequila, it kills the bite and provides a nice finish)
2) shot of Grand Marnier
3) splash of Amaretto (more if you want it sweet)
4) 1/3 fill of sour or margarita mix- i like the light mix because no body wants to be fat, even a drunk, especially a fat drunk. that is recipe for disaster.
5) fill the remainder, which should be very little at this point unless you are making it in a big gulp, with soda water to give it that crisp-ness
Serve over ice, the more ice the better, trust me. You can always make more
It's saved my day more than once. Including tonight. The "end of the world margarita"
It is just like you're here drinking with me, right kids?

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  1. Always looking for a good margarita conconchun.