Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the blogger has two faces

So today my day job asked me to be a "Social Media Expert." Being that I only launched this blog yesterday (which is in no way related and just for fun) I thought to myself, " Damn, I am good." I am blog master of the Universe. But Social Media Expert just sounds a little over-powering. I mean the social part gets me. I still second guess my water glass at dinner or which fork to use. Don't you just hate when you drink after your kin folk? I mean, hopefully they are clean people but no body wants to think about drinking after Uncle Larry. I mean, he's been eating turkey and dressing and popping tums like Aunt Lorna pops valium. And, since they're married I might be getting some residual valium with the turkey which likely explains why I am so tired. All this time I thought it was Epstein Barr (no relation to Roseanne Barr who I find fascinating although tiring as well.) So you see there's a lot of pressure being a social expert of any sort.

I prefer the title FACEBOOK CZAR. Of course I get no pay raise for any of this but it makes me more insufferable at cocktail parties. Guess what I am now... that's right a CZAR. Well I hope you are feeling empowered by my rise to this thrown. Maybe you can work the checkout counter at Woolworth's one day too if you put your mind to it and stop giving people those crazy eye looks. Back to the day job-
Mother Barry

I guess I don't need to sign every blog moving forward, you might guess who this is after a while

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