Monday, December 14, 2009


Welcome to my blog. Today, I am a blogger. It is official, I am a writer, in fact. Or is it... I am, in fact, a writer? You are about to learn that I don't know the rules of punctuation but I am generally very punctual. I also don't know much about conjugation, or is that when you have a relations with your husband in prison? See, I tell you I don't know these things. This is about to be an adventure, and experience. (note my love of the "," comma). I am a commaholic.

I also tend to go on rants but I'll save you the boring stuff like how I am mad that my queso dip was left out of the bag today and a squirrel danced on the hood of my bmw and scratched it all to hell. I won't bother you with my political views because you should see your own views for yourself. My goal is to tell you a story everyday. If you don't like me- get to know me better. Because I am Mother Barry.

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  1. Excellent first post! I'm immediately drawn in... have fun!