Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm so sick of Tiger Woods

So today I started to blog and tweet at work- but only about work stuff. This blog, however, is just for fun. It makes me think though, do you always want to be connected to work? I mean it's one thing that we are all hard wired in with our blackberry and iPhone and what not... I do miss the days of a thermal fax machine and a telegram. But now I am going to write about work as though I am not just at work ... do you think a bank teller rolls coins at home in his or her spare time? Does a Doctor play Doctor at home? (well I did date a foolish Doctor once and I can tell you that "stick out your tongue and say ahh" isn't the same at home) Does a pro golfer like to unwind and hit a few holes? Yes this is a Tiger Woods set up...

I am fairly fond of that transition... I am not fond of Tiger Woods. We need to get up off Tiger because too many people have been on top of him. The real victim as we all know is his family. I tell you one thing- when my Grand Mame found out Grandpa had been "going out on her" she tossed a pot of boiling beans on his head at the dinner table. Now, I don't condone violence- at all- not one bit. But, I think the greatest punishment for Mr. Woods is to leave him alone- forget all about him. I hope his wife can move on, too. It's not about net worth- it's about self worth.

And more importantly... stop giving publicity to the Ho's. Every good ho knows you keep it on hush-hush. Again, the best thing we can do is forget about these trashy slurts. I'm going to let you in on a little secret here- some juicy tid bids for my reader(s), I too had once been a ho. There's a time or two MotherBarry fell into the wrong bed with the wrong person. We all make mistakes. We all fall down (or lie down as the case may be) but we didn't go after money or a movie or a spread in People. That's tacky. That's the difference in having some class or being a sloppy piece of ... you get my drift. Now, don't go and paint a mental picture of MotherBarry in a leather jacket with ripped fishnets. That was a long time ago in a far away land- we all make mistakes. I think we have all waken up in a hotel with more mascara than Adam Lambert, a beating headache and no idea where our underoos might be ... and thought, "this wasn't my best decision." If you haven't you're a better person than me and we probably wouldn't be friends unless you like to pick up the tab. But, when you've made that bad decision with 14 hookers it's time to take the trash out with the garbage.

Remember- make love not war. And, if he's married he's cheating you just like he's cheating her.

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